Midas XCI™ 50C

Data Center Immersion Cooling

Midas XCI™ is designed to handle the high heat loads generated by today's data center hardware. A standard installation enables each tank to handle 50kW of heat dissipation with the ability to expand up to 200kW to protect and prolong your investment. Midas XCI™ tanks run independent of each other and can be individually managed and configured. For large installations, monitoring and management is easily accomplished with data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems.

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The Midas XCI™ 50C utilizes the same patented technologies available in the standard enterprise version but optimized for the cryptocurrency industry’s specific needs. Midas XCI™ easily outshines the competition with abundant features and capabilities:

Increased Space – Increased tank space allows 96 Antminer S9/L3+ with power supplies. With 72,000 Cubic inches of submerged usable space, the Midas XCI Crypto Tank can be easily configured to fit large amounts of any mining equipment.

Heat Density – Midas XCI 50C systems can be configured for installations of 150kW of mining equipment per Tank or more.

Network and Power Distribution – Network and power distribution is integrated into Midas XCI™ with 20U of dedicated space for patch panels, PDUs and networking equipment.

Cooling – Dielectric Coolant is over 1000 times more efficient at removing heat when compared to air. The Midas XCI™ allows massive densities and savings not possible with traditional cooling methods.

Resiliency – With only one moving part, and hot-swappable cooling modules, the Midas XCI 50C ensures the equipment is always producing.

Management, Visualization and DCIM – Management and data visualization are integral to data center operations, Midas XCI™ ships with Modius OpenData®, a highly scalable DCIM platform. Midas XCI™ can be monitored and managed by any DCIM solution with SNMP support.


Cooling Savings – Cooling systems can represent more than half of a typical data center’s total energy consumption and consequently represents a significant percentage of its operating costs. Midas XCI™ can cut cooling costs by up to 90%.

Overclocking –Immersion cooling allows to significantly overclock equipment allowing to increase positive cashflows and maximize profitability.

Additional Power Savings – Removing the fans can reduce the electrical consumption of the equipment by 5-20%. These savings are large enough that they normally offset the power consumption of the Midas XCI system and the cool water loop.

Noise Reduction – No fans, no noise.

Increased Reliability – By changing the cooling medium from air to a control submerged environment, the Midas XCI system eliminates most common failure causes:

  • Overheating
  • Temperature swings
  • Fan failures
  • Dust
  • Air quality
  • Corrosion
  • Noise
  • Humidity

Return on Investment
 – With no need for air conditioning and a reduction in the size of the electrical infrastructure, build out costs can be smaller than for an air installation and in most cases with an ROI of 3 years or less.

Operating Expense – High efficiency allows Midas XCI™ to dramatically lower operating expenditures and boost the bottom line.

Flexibility – Can be deployed in non-traditional facilities, including highly mobile containers, edge facilities and warehouses.

Plug and Play – The Midas XCI system comes ready to be installed. Just add coolant and connect to the facility water and electrical infrastructure using the provided dry and quick disconnects respectively.

Midas XCI™ is available in Open Compute compatible configurations with support for Open Rack hardware. Contact our sales team to find out more.