Midas XCI™ 12U

Immersion Cooling for Constrained Spaces

Midas XCI™ Systems are designed to handle the high heat loads generated by today’s dense electronic hardware. The Midas 12U tank provides up to 15kW of heat dissipation which significantly reduces the cost of energy to cool the equipment. Midas XCI™ tanks can be individually managed and configured based on each customer’s prioritized needs.

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Midas 12U XCI™ was designed for use in technology closets or other space-constrained locations where computing equipment resides and must be efficiently cooled. Midas XCI™ easily outshines the competition with abundant features and capabilities:

  • Server Support – Standard configurations support 19-inch rack-mountable servers and associated electronics in a 12U tank.
  • Storage Compatibility – Utilizing HGST and Seagate’s helium technology for traditional SATA and SAS storage, it is easy to expand server storage with disk options up to 10TB in size. Midas XCI™ also supports solid-state storage devices. Midas has extensively tested leading SSD options from major vendors like Intel®, Samsung™, SanDisk®, Crucial™, Kingston® and more.
  • Network and Power Distribution – Network and power distribution is integrated into Midas XCI™ with dedicated space for patch panels, PDUs and networking equipment.
  • Cooling – Hardware is kept cool with XCI™ Coolant. Formulated to enhance materials compatibility, XCI™ Coolant is over 1200 times more efficient at removing heat than air. Midas XCI™’s cooling efficiencies allows you to utilize 100% of available space, creating opportunities for denser installations.


  • Power Savings – Midas XCI™ can cut cooling costs by up to 90%.
  • Vendor Support – Major OEM vendors like Dell, Super Micro and others offer support for immersion cooling technologies.
  • Exceptional Reliability – Midas XCI™ eliminates many of the most common causes of computing equipment failure:
    • Server Fan Failure or Replacement – fans are removed before immersion which reduces energy consumption and eliminates fan issues
    • Air Quality – dust is not present in immersion systems and zinc whiskers are prevented
    • Overheating – heat is transferred more than 1200 times more efficiently than in air
    • Temperature Swings – Midas XCI™ system coolant circulates to distribute heat evenly
    • Corrosion – oxidation does not occur in the immersion fluid
    • Noise – air conditioning and server fan noise is eliminated or significantly minimized
    • Limited IT load capacity – denser installations allow for higher computing performance in limited spaces
  • Capital Expense – With no need for additional air conditioning, racks, or raised floors, build out and/or renovation costs can be drastically reduced.
  • Operating Expense – High efficiency allows Midas XCI™ to dramatically lower electricity consumption. Additionally, higher densities allow operation in a smaller footprint, minimizing operational expenditures and boosting the bottom line.
  • Flexibility – The Midas 12U XCI™ product can dissipate up to 15kW and be located in a small space without expensive renovation costs.
  • No impact on software or network infrastructure.

Midas XCI™ 12U can be air cooled or water cooled. The air-cooled module will support up to 3.5 kW of heat dissipation. If higher density solutions are required, chiller and water-cooled modules are available that will support up to 15 kW of heat dissipation.

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