Partnership with PCPC Direct Ltd

By October 25, 2017 May 9th, 2019 Press Releases

Austin, Texas-based Midas Green Technologies is proud to announce our partnership with PCPC Direct Ltd. Midas XCI™ immersion cooling technology allows you to maximize the server density, power efficiency and minimize the physical footprint of data centers. Immersion cooling uses a non-conductive liquid cooling medium that is more than 1000 times more efficient at dissipating heat than air. Each 50 rack-unit XCI immersion tank can be configured to cool over 150kW of compute power and can be located almost anywhere.

Midas XCI™ immersion cooling technology will bring an additional value-add offering to PCPC Direct’s portfolio of innovative solutions. The ability to offer customers High Performance Computing options at greater efficiency and lower operating costs will create new opportunities for PCPC Direct to leverage immersion cooling technology in locations with space, electricity and other design constraints; thereby solving many of the current challenges faced in today’s data-driven computing ecosystem.

“Since entering the HPC market in 1999, we have been looking at bleeding edge technologies for our global customer base. The Midas XCI™ immersion cooling technology addresses the most important concerns for data center operators; power consumption, cooling and space. Its cost-value relationship is staggering”, said Joe Vaught, Executive Vice President and COO at PCPC Direct.

The partnership enables Midas to offer complete and fully-warrantied immersion cooling solutions to forward-thinking companies anywhere in the world. PCPC Direct offers warranties on multiple brands of OEM servers and has 30 years of experience in helping customers choose the best server solutions. In addition, PCPC Direct’s global presence enables them to offer 24/7 technical support and customer service to users worldwide including those with immersion cooling installations.

Jim Koen, CEO of Midas Green Technologies said, “We are excited to partner with PCPC Direct to provide warrantied OEM servers and global technical support to our customers”.

Midas Green Technologies provides Midas XCI™, the most innovative and efficient data center cooling system. Founded in March 2011, Midas is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to slash the data center carbon footprint and provide our customers with compelling savings and benefits based on the superior design and efficiency of the Midas XCI immersion cooling solution.

PCPC Direct, Ltd (PCPC) is a privately-held, Woman-Owned Company with an attention to detail seldom found in larger companies. PCPC specializes in finding creative approaches to enable service levels and fulfill operational business requirements through technology. PCPC Direct’s professional data center solutions are provided to companies of all sizes and are made possible as a result of partnerships with the biggest names in computing — including HPE, DELL, Lenovo, Intel, Supermicro, Microsoft, IBM and CRAY — which are a source of invaluable resources for our diverse clientele.
PCPC offers scalable solutions that enable clients to pick the right plan for each device being managed. This flexibility enables IT focused resources to concentrate on the most strategic activities while at the same time creating a reliable and predictable cost structure to manage your IT budget.