Liquid Immersion Cooling Advantages

Midas XCI™ immersion cooling technology allows you to maximize the server density, power efficiency and minimize physical footprint. Instead of air, we use a dielectric coolant that is over 1000 times more efficient at dissipating heat. Each XCI immersion tank can be configured to cool up to 200kW of compute power and can be located almost anywhere.

Substantial Energy Savings

Midas XCI’s unparalleled efficiency will dramatically cut your power usage. Our customers regularly see PUEs below 1.1. Case studies have demonstrated that Midas XCI cuts server power utilization by up to 25% and cooling costs by 90%.

Reduced Build-Out Costs

Infrastructure and associated costs are significantly less than traditional data centers. Midas XCI™ reduces capital costs by eliminating and/or reducing the size of many cooling infrastructure components.

  • No CRACs, Air Handlers or Economizers
  • No Raised Flooring
  • Reduction in Power Infrastructure Size
  • Smaller Data Centers

Exceptional Reliability

Midas XCI™ comes standard with fully redundant management and cooling systems, affording you the highest reliability and ease of maintenance. Midas XCI™ meets the standards for Uptime Institute’s Tier 3™ certification. Midas XCI™ eliminates some of the most common data center problems:

  • Overheating
  • Temperature swings
  • Server fan failures
  • Dust
  • Air quality
  • Corrosion

Easily Adapted

  • Greatly reduced capital and operating expense vs. conventional data centers
  • Data center can be built in non-traditional facilities, including highly mobile containers
  • No need for air conditioning or raised floors
  • No impact on software or network infrastructure
  • Minimal training of support personnel


Midas XCI™ comes standard in a 50U (server rack unit) with the ability to handle 50kW of compute power. Network and power distribution is integrated into Midas XCI™ with 16U of dedicated space for patch panels, PDUs and networking equipment. Midas offers immersion cooling for small room applications starting at 12U (server rack units) and can make custom sizes with support for servers over 900mm in depth.